Hello babes,

My name is Ashley Michele and right now I’ll be using this account for the following:

•Connect with others

•Advertise and keep track of my own content


In short I consider myself a content creator. I aspire to create content that people can enjoy, relate to and learn from. You can check out my various forms of social media here ↓

•Tumblr•          •Instagram•          •YouTube•          •Pinterest•

Since I’m in so many Amino’s I’ll just leave my username here: Ashley Michele

•Find content for CoffeeTable Coven


For those of you who have stumbled upon my little slice of the internet I help run a community based, non-profit online magazine and website dedicated to bridging the gaps between different types of witchcraft and paganism. Our main focus is on spreading awareness using social media as a platform for information within the witchcraft, pagan and spirituality communities. If I have contacted you here through WordPress it’s because I would love to have you and your content become a part of our mission.

Check us out!

•Instagram• @CoffeeTable.Coven  or on our site •CoffeeTable Coven•

If you’re interested in creating or sharing content with us, or just have ideas you think we would like feel free to message me! Authors will be able to submit their works one of two ways: through a google doc, or attached how they see fit through email ↓

Email: Content@Coffeetablecoven.com